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Quaternity hit the ground running in 2016 after being founded by four energy industry experts with a vision for the ideal utility of the future. 
We are a specialized software developer, implementation and support services provider focusing exclusively on the energy industry. We are a leader in automation, digitization, and data solutions for energy trading and sales organizations. Our offices in Walchwil, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria are home to expert teams, covering both the business and technical side of your energy trading and sales needs.


Quaternity supports energy trading and sales companies in 
managing todays and tomorrows technological challenges


Our vision of the future utility builds on a consequent digitization and automation of trading and sales organizations. We facilitate the automation of energy trading and sales business processes with our own software solutions in combination with leading Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems.  


Our technical approach builds on a modular and flexible framework. We build on a consistent data model, which allows us to handle multiple commodities and services at once and pave the ground for fully automated lean business processes. Don’t let shortcomings of legacy software get in the way of your ideas!

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We have a laser focus on you, the customer and your goals. We provide you with the best of both worlds – a team of software engineers and dedicated business champions.

No one knows your situation and needs better than you and your senior staff. This is why we work as closely as possible with you and see ourselves as a fair partner, in for the long run.

With our innovative Agile Implementation approach we strive to deliver state-of-the-art solutions, tailored to your needs. With our deep understanding we support you in mastering upcoming challenges in an increasingly digitized energy industry. 



We are a mix of business consultants, project managers and software engineers, covering energy trading and sales.

Above all, we are team players with a strong focus on customers and an even stronger focus on quality.

We offer a challenging but flexible work environment in our Swiss and Austrian offices. Our flat hierarchy combined with a supportive atmosphere and personalized training helps our teams to excel at what they do and having fun doing it.




Eric is experienced in most programmable products of the Microsoft portfolio. He’s competent in agile principles and uses his prior acquired scrum experience to help his team in word and deed. Eric tries to shield his team against any interruption from outside. The only thing stopping him doing so is a mug of coffee.



With his experience and knowledge of .NET technologies, Janko is implementing our product vision. He sees teamwork as the most important part of any project and welcomes any design and code suggestions. His passion is to design code following the principles of separation of concerns. Producing bugs since 2009. Janko holds a degree as Master of Informatic Science and Information Technologies.



His lack of love for coffee, Stefan makes up with passion for .NET, C#, and related technologies. As an advocate of Clean Code and test-driven development, he gladly welcomes every discussion in the team to preserve a high software quality throughout the entire development process. Having gained experience in various industries both at home and abroad, Stefan's endeavor is to merge individual skills to build great software together.



René is an experienced Software Developer who is passionate about coding. He supports our Quaternity Suit team and implements backend & frontend solutions. He has gained experience in different programming languages and while his favorite is certainly C# René is looking forward to new challenges. He likes different sports like cycling, climbing or snowboarding.



Isabell is our Backoffice support. Together with Ursula she is handling all non-software related tasks from accounting to administration, making sure that the Office runs smoothly. However, her secret mission is to help create and maintain an overall friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the Office for employees and guests alike. Isabell is currently finishing her degree in Art History and Economics.



Daniela is currently studying for a degree in Computer Science at a technical college. As our first female developer she is using her knowledge of ASP.NET Core to help extend and improve the backend of our Quaternity Suite. Daniela is ambitiously enhancing her programming skills and gaining more knowledge about the energy industry during her internship at Quaternity.



Andre is part of our Quaternity Suite team. He is responsible for both backend and frontend development. He is the only developer who refuses to develop with the Visual Studio IDE. He loves espresso. If you want to spoil his day, you have to hide the coffee machine. Andre holds a degree in business informatics.



Although Stefan has a wide-ranging knowledge of various programming languages, he prefers to implement complex algorithms and business logic for the backend. Because of his impatience he is not the ideal man to fix some design bugs or to write some detailed technical documents. Also, Stefan is known as the optimistic soul of the company and is always thriving to advance Quaternity even further.



David is our backend and integration specialist. He is obsessed with system performance and optimization, both on the backend as well as the database side. If you want to scare him, just mention the frontend or that a button has to be slightly adjusted somewhere. David studied Mechanical Engineering and Physics.



Marcus is the mastermind in front of our backend. He is equally adept on ETRM Systems and the Quaternity Suite, with his mastery of server-side processing, he crafts the important inner workings that the regular user does not see, but can only appreciate the end results. Marcus excels at everything even remotely related to timeseries and has developed an obsession for time zones and daylight saving time. Marcus holds a degree in Software and Information Engineering.



Florian is our veteran ETRM project manager and an expert resource handler. Managing both the customer and our technical experts, none who have met him can deny his thoroughness, attention to detail and genuine friendliness. A man of the world, he acts as our company influencer for the latest fashion trends and travel destinations. Florian holds degrees in International Management.



Martin is the personified combination of industry know-how, project management skills and software engineering. This makes him the perfect Head of Delivery. Martin spent 10 years handling complex projects in energy trading and sales, ranging from ETRM systems to data modelling and data warehousing. Some people claim that in all that years he never had a grim or unfriendly day. Martin holds a degree in Business Informatics and is a certified Project Management Professional.



Thomas is the technical mastermind of our software. He has over 10 years of experience as a software architect and developer, handled successful ETRM system implementations and is the author of multiple ETRM add-ons and customizations. Thomas is also famous for instantly spotting any typo or misplaced semicolon in any text. Thomas holds degrees in Software Engineering and Computer Management.



Michael is the driving force behind our vision and our face to the customer. As a former partner at a leading management consultancy for the energy industry and after holding senior management positions in energy trading and sales, Michael knows a thing or two about the energy business. He is one of the nicest persons you’ll ever meet, as long as no one forces him to wear a tie. Michael holds degrees in Business Informatics and Electrical Engineering.



You are a software developer with a soft spot for beautiful code? You worked in the energy or a related industry and have expert know-how or a track record in successful project management? 

You are committed to top performance and want team up with excellent colleagues to get stuff done? Excellent! Take a look if one of our job offers looks like your next career step. Otherwise simply drop us a line.



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